Two 4-Day Passes

Tickets! You don’t need no stinking tickets when you have these excellent VIP 4-Day passes to everything at one of this year’s Comic Cons!

Airfare for Two

We will fly you in for the convention. International winners receive cash towards the purchase of airline tickets. Get ready for a weekend of awesomeness!

Hotel Accommodations

Jump on the bed in your plush hotel room near the con. Look out the window and you might see one of your favorite heroes fly by!

$200 Cash

Yup. $200 to spend at the comic con on comics, apparel, autographs, photo ops, food, lightsabers, masks, or whatever your nerdy little heart desires.

Enter to Win a Trip to Comic Con

Win an all expenses paid trip to a Comic Con! That's right, live it up for a weekend with 100,000+ comic fans. Domestic Airfare for Two! Hotel! 4-Day Passes! $200 Cash! What else could a geek ask for? Just complete the form below and be entered to win.

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

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Shows We Attend

Join us at one of the following comic conventions


What are the prizes?

To see the full breakdown of prizes please click here.

When will the winner be selected?

A winner will be selected on September 15, 2016. All entrants will receive announcing the winner during the following week.

What if I’m international?

International winners will receive all of the same prizes as a US winner with the exception of airfare. International winners will receive cash towards the purchase of airline tickets to get them to and from the convention.

What convention can the winner attend?

Our sponsor attends over a dozen comic book conventions each year! The biggest show is New York Comic Con, which takes place in early October. Once you have been selected as the winner we will provide you with a list of shows all across the United States that you can attend in 2016-2017.

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